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Jersey Trampin

So, at the start of our little world adventure, we decided that if there is an option to get from point A to point B for ‘almost’  free then we’ll take it. Unfortunately for us we took on this mission outside a long term storage facility in nowhere South Jersey to park our car for the next 4 months. We decided to take the NJ Transit train back to Hoboken from the storage facility. The pudgy guy with likeable face behind the counter pointed down the road and said, “Just walk up the road a little ways and hang a right by the movie theater, and the train station should be on your right..probably like a 20 minutes walk”



Our last week in Jersey finally arrived. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind since we put in our notices – never ending going away dinners, lunches, parties, endless amount of transition at work causing us to wake up at different time zones.  We’ve also have our very own vengeful Poltergeist running around breaking things in the house faster than we can fix them.  Who knows, maybe he was sad that we were leaving him behind.