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A Connected Europe

[Image Credit:] We met two interesting characters on the high speed train from Spiez, Switzerland to Milan, Italy.  They were crammed into the same four person table that Shru and I were.  Both were initially talking to each other in Italian, so we figured they didn’t know English.  A few minutes went by before Shru asked the older guy, probably in his 50s, if he was stopping in Milan.  He replied in near-perfect English that he had been in Zurich and was going on with his mother to their hometown in southern Italy near Sicily.  The younger guy  we’d find out later was 18 and was travelling from Basel, Switzerland to a small town on the Eastern coast of Italy.  Both of their journeys would take over 10 hours by train.


The Gift

Traveling can bring out the best and worst in you. It can break you and lift you in ways you never imagined.  There are some days when you feel antsy and the materialistic side of you overpowers your brain …you realize you miss your tempurapedic mattress bed, clean, crisp sheets and even your uncomfortable couch at home.  But, there are days when you feel alive and free when you hike for hours surrounded by towering cliffs and incomprehensible natural beauty. 


Butterfly Effect? Global Warming?

So, the very spot Dan and I are sitting on is the top of Mount Tongariro, a volcano in New Zealand, which we hiked back in March 2012.  It erupted yesterday, sending a 2 mile plume of ash in the air, second time in 2012 (first time in Aug) since its long, peaceful slumber from last eruption in 1897 (115 years ago).


Why the BIG change?

There were many things that influenced our decision to leave the safety of our home and corporate jobs in the New York City area. You read books about people reaching a breaking point in what they often describe as boring and monotonous lives where they feel unfulfilled and unchallenged.   Others wish to see the world or change the world and decide why not now.  Why not just take the plunge and deal with the consequences later if it just doesn’t work out.   For us, you could say that it was a gradual, organic process of weighing what we want for our future vs. what was perhaps inevitable given our current course in life.