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Air New Zealand Debacle

So, today we had the bright idea to try to change our seats on our Air New Zealand flight out of San Francisco to Auckland. For some reason, they had Shru and I in separate rows and we had a 7 hour layover to kill at the airport. Why not see if they had two seats together? So we journeyed over to our connection gate but of course there was no one there since the flight didn’t board for over 5 hrs, so we asked someone working at another counter where else we could find Air New Zealand personnel. They said our best bet was to just go back out of the gates to the departure counters and talk directly with the booking agents. We paused for a second, thinking how is it possible that there isn’t someone on this side that can look into this change for us, but we said ‘what the hell, we have so much time and the security lines aren’t even that long. Out we go!