Month: November 2012


Butterfly Effect? Global Warming?

So, the very spot Dan and I are sitting on is the top of Mount Tongariro, a volcano in New Zealand, which we hiked back in March 2012.  It erupted yesterday, sending a 2 mile plume of ash in the air, second time in 2012 (first time in Aug) since its long, peaceful slumber from last eruption in 1897 (115 years ago).


Suls – Lauterbrunnen Day Hike

The first hike in Lauterbrunnen had not only left an indelible mark on us (in a good way) but had also left our bodies severly sore. We woke up late the next morning and decided to take a break and just walk around the town. By 2pm, we were itching. We visited the grocery store multiple times, tried to kill time gazing at swiss cheeses at the local cheese shop, and wondered what people do all day in this town if they are not hiking or skiing. Although our bodies revolted, we decided to torture them further by doing another hike.. It was going to be a mere 3600+ ft elevation gain with 5 hours of sunlight….nothing that our already destroyed quads couldn’t handle!  Entertaining myself at the coffee shop by taking glamorous shots of Dan