Month: October 2012


Munich: “Meet the Bavarians”

I don’t think we quite understood the full significance of Munich when we first arrived here from India.  In school, we definitely studied the build-up of conflict in Europe prior to WWII, but history books tend to lump all Germans at the time into one big bucket with a big Nazi stamp on it.   After doing a little research, we realized that much of the ground work that started the German Workers’ Party, that would later morph into the Nazi Party, started right smack HERE in Munich. Actual meeting hall used in early years of Workers’ [Nazi] Party Hofbraeuhaus in Munich – the royal brewery (check out the crown in the pic), also a biergarten used for Nazi Party meetings.  It is now owned by state of Bavaria. These weird swirling flags on the ceiling were painted over to hide the swastikas post-WWII, creepy!